DOPESICK is the title of a scene being shot by Chris Pardal. The scene is a part of the feature‐length screenplay,  RAVE.

Our goal is to have the scene bundled in a marketing package for investors to get a vivid image of the feature‐length movie. We'll also take the scene on the short film festival circuit since it stands pretty well on its own.

My inspiration was watching the scene they did for WHIPLASH. Amazing. It was such a great scene to entice people to want to make the full movie. JK Simmons was magnificent and I'm happy he was involved in that project from short film to Academy Award.




Chris PardalProducer, Writer, Director and Actor

“It’s imperative to me that I have a set that makes this artist comfortable playing such a vulnerable, young lady - I knew that Rebecka Jackson could surround me with the right people who will help me to do that.”

Eryn ReaCo-Director

“It’s dark. I like it. The chance to explore that gritty side of the rave scene would be fun... as an actress, that would be fun.”

Rebecka JacksonProducer

“I try to use the same organization and team-building in art that I use in activism. Chris and I built a team almost entirely of women and push for representation and equality on our set."

Boota PahalAssociate Producer

Owner of Deck of Aces Productions & Camera Rentals

“I loved the script. It was amazing. It really captivated me. I really like how Chris just pushed the envelope in some of those scenes.”

Aaron ShapiroDirector of Photography

“It’s a fantastic script. It’s just real. Gritty. A little messed up at times but at the end of the day it’s just an honest script.”

Francesca MarcianoProduction Designer

“What draws me to the story is the idea of truth and reality versus masking and lies. The tension that lingers between both characters--their secrets and intentions--is palpable. The opportunity to be able to interject that theme into my design for the space excites me. I want the audience to feel all of that purely through the space the characters are in. The one moment they have to drop their facade and reveal themselves to each other becomes a moment to breathe and truly understand them before they have to put their masks on again and go back out into the world.”

Cat TanchancoMakeup Artist

"I think people are often seen as so one-dimensional like they have one personality, one mood, one face. And I think people also forget that makeup is not just to glamorize and make beautiful faces. It can also bring out alter-egos that we hide and mask inside of us with our own skin. So I'm excited to work on Dopesick, which hits that concept right on the head."

Mark Hooker - Background Photographer

“I love Chris Pardal.”