About RAVE

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Coverage of the screenplay, RAVE, by industry professionals...

“The script's biggest asset is the vibrantly colorful stage it takes place on ‐ the rave scene at its' peak is a visually stimulating and stunning background for this intense drama to unfold. The premise is intriguing because of the discrepancy between the dated period during which the story takes place and the completely modern‐feeling scene: this is a world that still exists nearly twenty years later and its interesting to see the similarities and differences it contained closer to its inception. Beyond the vivid world created is a gritty, dark, and desperate narrative that will enthrall the audience in a different way.”

“There are plenty of people out there waiting for a movie like this, one that so perfectly captures their youths. With the EDM scene being what it is today there are also plenty of younger audience members who would be interested as well.”

“Rave is outstanding for its depiction of the late ‘90s rave scene.”

“This is a strong drama with a unique premise that could definitely find its way into production, it's just a matter of determining what kind of audience it skews towards. The crime aspect would appeal to a more commercial aspect, but the specific setting the mystery plot plays out on seems like it would be a better fit for the indie crowd.”